It is YOU who decides


Just a thought to add to the aforesaid post that was made on Facebook, just a few moments ago. I know what I am going to say will sound very philosophical to the reader of this article, but that is besides the point. What is important to note, however, is that we are living in a system that drills into our heads that what you think is the only thing that can be correct for you. But this is a gross fallacy, and the reason why I am writing about it, is because I have fallen foul in many people’s thoughts, simply because I choose to be forthright and blunt because of my sun sign “Sagittarius”. Not a very great believer of astrology or readings of the stars, but at the same time, I do not make fun of it. On the lighter side, I can add that being a “Fire” sign sure lights many a fire in all the wrong places that one can imagine !!

Indeed, it is YOU who decides the fate of many a person whom you meet on your journey of life. So this is just a general thought that cannot point towards anyone specifically, because life has taught me well to always be positive. In the ultimate analysis, the only person who really loses anything at all in making any kind of judgement about any other person who walks the face of this Earth, is YOU YOURSELF.

So to all my friends, readers and well-wishers across the globe, it is a piece of sage advice, never judge a person by only his words or only his looks or only by what comes first to your mind in just one meeting. Remember, first impressions are usually the lasting impressions – and also, the cold hard fact is that the good that men do is often forgotten easily, its the bad things that have an unfortunate habit of staying alive in your brain.

Cheers and have a good day ahead of you. Thanks for the patient reading of my humble thoughts.

17-Feb-2017 | 00:00 Hours IST